piątek, 11 października 2013

Tutorial: Right & Left Lifted Increases

Today's tutorial is sponsored by Right Lifted Increase (RLI) and Left Lifted Increase (LLI).
Basically we make those increases by lifting one of two "legs" of the stitch from previous row/round.

I will start from RLI: pick up right "leg" of the stitch from previous row/round and lift it onto left hand needle.


Knit this stitch from front. Then knit the stitch from current row/round.

For a left-lifted increase pick up left "leg" of a stitch from prevoius row/round. Be sure to pick up the stitch from prevoius row/round that wasn't knitted yet. Knit one stitch from current row/round.

Knit lifted stitch from front.

Voila! This is how lifted increases look like. Pretty good, ha?

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