niedziela, 13 października 2013

Good old knitting tool

Long time ago when I was a mother of only one kid I bought myself a knitting machine from an old lady .
It was made for order in early 80' as she told us. This machine got a lot of use cause she was mainly knitted for order.
It didn't have all needles when I bought it but there were still enough to knit some large projects.
I knitted on this machine many things for Adrian, for me, my hubby, for family members, I knitted on it even a blanket.
Over the time it was less number of needles which were also difficult to buy anywhere. Our family started growing and we needed more space. Decision was made to get this machine dispense with. The only one single element survived,
 a row counter.

It dosen't look nice but I love it's old shabby look
and the most important thing is that this counter is still working perfectly and compared to the new row counters has quitnuple counting space! 

For the many-rows-projects it's so reliable and at my current shawl design it reached 300 rows. The higher number it can reach is 5 nines and I don't spuppose I'd ever be able to reach such number in any design, LOL!

When I look at those photos it actutally looks like a little robot, a Walle robot kinda.

Also at the time of taking photos I discovered that underneath it's written where it was made, a good German work.

2 komentarze:

  1. Oj, jaka szkoda tej maszyny! Fajnie,że został Ci chociaż ten licznik rządków! Wygląda super :)

  2. Przyznam się, że mam w posiadaniu jeszcze jedną taką maszynę, Brothera, ale ten ma jeszcze mniej igieł. Może kiedyś go odpalę.
    Licznik to była zdecydowanie najatrakcyjniejsza część maszyny, wysłużyła się już staruszka i zdecydowanie potrzebowała udać się na spoczynek :)



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