wtorek, 8 października 2013

Knitting mistake - twisted rib

I've got an order for some knitwear hat from my sister's MIL.
She gave me angora "looking" yarn for this design in turqouise
and promised in my own creativity.
She only told me to knit second hat inside to make her comfy during cold wheather.
I used provinsional cast on and decided to try twisted rib.
Long time ago I tried this rib technique 
and as you can see at picture above from side
it looks quite well .

When  you have a closer facing look at this it has nothing more then awful gaps.
Must admit I probably forgot how agly it can be.

The twisting doesn't do anything to rib tension, I'd even say it is more sloppy then normal k1, p1 rib, and I was knitting purl sts in continental method to avoid this sloppiness! Ugrhh!

The purl stitches aren't nice either. I was considering ripping but I don't like to destroy.
I hope my sis' MIL doesn't mention this mistake rib but she's also a knitter and the only one reason she gave me this order was knitting in round, what is her unknown technique.
I do like some twisting sts in small parts of knitwear
 but twisted rib is going to mistake category in my library,
just to prevent myself of using it once more ;)

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