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Strasky and family trip

The first time I saw this belted sweater I fell in love.
I even tried to knit it two times but at first time
I used a mohair yarn gathered in two strands and that was a fault. It didn't look well. The cardi got ripped.
The second time I used some acrylic yarn my MIL gave me few years ago and there wasn't enough yarn for collar and belt.
I finished the cardi with other yarn color but it ended at charity box.

Next time I used again acyrlic yarn from my stash
and third time was rewarding:
the cardi was completed but I had to modify it a lil' bit since I used thinner yarn. 
I was knitting sts as for M size and rows as for S size.
Well, although I like this pattern a lot it ended with to short body part with to long sleeves. 
Lesson learned: knitting in parts and then sewing them may be very surprising in finished project measurements!
Also in addition to this post I will add a few photos of yesterday's family trip to highest hills near my city - Łysa Góra & Święty Krzyż.

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