czwartek, 9 sierpnia 2012

Day without music is a wasted one

If you ever thought that craft is an occupation I must do every day, well... you were wrong...

I truly love listening to music and must listen it every day. Everything I do while music surrounds myself, I do much better, faster and smooth. So, it's win win :)
 Whenever I hear Bono of U2 I'm thinking if someone in the world could ever have better voice compared with such amazing music? Lately I enjoy listening to Justin Bieber's. He has such amazing voice. I like Pitbull rap. I also enjoy listening to Usher. At primary school I was singing in choir and our school choir won 6th place in Poland at these days. So I grew up with music and whenever hear clear beautiful voice I'm passed by shivers.

Let's turn into another subject. Yesterday I took Adrian and Joasia to cinema to watch Madagaskar 3. Oh, boy! I haven't seen such queue since PRL times! And guess what, we didn't get our reserved the day before tickets, the sweet young lady told they had some system issues. We were left without tickets and without any free ones in perspective! I could understand such Madagaskar 3 traffic but say it to my kids! Sweet lady offered only one option: tickets for 3D version if somehow there won't appear nobody for reserved earlier tickets! Hoping that nobody was to late with reserved tickets when we went to watch ;) And the movie was great, we had a BLAST! But I smuggled my yarn and needles and just look what was knitted during 3D movie watching:

... a little square for my smoky blanket. Knitted with two mistakes but who cares, they will remind me of Madagaskar 3. And I swear I watched it very carefully. Referring to music - Katy Perry's "Firework" in this movie was outstanding.

2 komentarze:

  1. My kids went watching Madagascar 3 and now I'm waiting my turn! haha!
    And you are totally right about music - if I listen to something I really like I even don't need coffee to keep me awake (since I craft till 3 am almost every day)!

  2. So nice to hear you Sandra again!
    You definatelly should go and watch Madagaskar 3 - so much fun!
    I agree with you, without music even coffein woudn't make me up for a long time :)



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