sobota, 30 czerwca 2012


I still can't believe I've made such huge thing, in only one color and crocheted in back loops only for "nice" structure. 

It's made from cone of cotton yarn which my parents gave me a while ago. I used hook and this huge specimen took me almost a year. 

It's destiny is to be a couch cover but on the photo above you can see that my living room couch has two parts. So the second part stills needs a cover and... 

...yes I have to crochet one more blanket. 

From the other front: my older kiddos finished their school year. Joanna graduated to second class and Adrian to first of High School obtaining high score at 6'th grade exam. They both did great job at this school year. Now it's time for some rest for all of us - the last days of school were to busy, I think.

4 komentarze:

  1. Obrazki pooglądałam -świetna ta narzuta ! Teraz jeszcze proszę o tłumaczenie literek bym mogła poczytać ;)
    Lala post wcześniej, jest superaśna :)

  2. That blanket is just incredible! I wonder how much is it worth? Can I afford it? ;)

  3. Mięto, narzuta jest ogromna, ale moja kanapa jest narożna, więc potrzebuję drugiej do kompletu :P.
    Postaram się w następnych postach, choć słówko po polsku sklekocić :)



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