piątek, 30 września 2011

To have a better view...No2

Report from our vacation continues (even after a long time :))...Warning lots of pics coming!

Visit Zakopane without visiting Gubałówka is impossible, especially if you have kids. There's a place where mountain lovers can enjoy amazing view at Tatra Mountains in front of. If it's only sunny enough you can see some mountains at Slovakian side as well. We got there by beautiful trolley but went down on our own legs. Nice preparation before some walk we expected next day. LOL.

There are many such good restaurants at Zakopane, below is one of them, where I caught up kids eating pizza. Adults (us) preffered there traditional Kwaśnica. In background there was concert played by traditional artists. Trust me that was SO AWESOME to eat and hear real music!

We couldn't decide where to go next day. We already knew that most popular places like Morskie Oko, Giewont and rope trolley at Kasprowy Wierch were so crowded (the queue to Kasprowy Wierch trolley could take us about 6 hours), so decided finnally to hit two mountains: Nosal and Wielki Kopieniec. Our journey started early morning at bus station from where we got to Kużnice. That was the last place where we had any connection with civilazation. LOL
At the entrance to trail we saw nice sign which had informed every tourists that they are just crossing Tatrzańsi Park Narodowy and nice picture of brown bear below!
Well, we've ignored that info but were SO WRONG!

Walking at Nosal is quite short but very steep. At the top of that beautiful mountain there's amazing view at Kasprowy, Giewont, Kużnice, Czerwone Wierchy and even at that trolley. If you clik at photos with Adrian below you can see it riding to Kasprowy!

Belive me or not but I do got acrophobia and agoraphobia and I was so frightened (well my sis too but we supported each other) and when I saw 3 yrs olds climbing this steep top without getting almost nothing help from their parents I finnally got some courage.

Climbing down from Nosal was quite a pleasure until me and Joanna heard something like roar at Nosal creek! And we heard that roar below us at percipice! She suddenly asked me if that was a bear but I answered it probably was cow and realized immediately that no cow could climb at 1000 meters! We asked other members of our expedition and two of them did hear that loud roar too! Then we decided to go faster not to meet this loudy bear face to face!

As we were almost running not meet bear after meeting with woodcutters (I blame them for annoying bear) soon we reached Olczyska Valley.
That was the place where beautiful butterflies had their festival! There were so many of them and didn't flew away from us! One of them (pic below) I almost touched with my camera's lens! LOL.
We had one of ours "pit stops" at amazing gill - water there was clear as a glass and very cold!

Then the most "fun" part of our expedition started! The track to Wielki Kopieniec is so steepy, leads mainly by the stones and is very tiring! We had to take a few "pit stops" there.

After long way and climbing we've reached Kopieniec Glade and were concerned about climbing last meters with steepy zig zag party (pic below) or get around the side.
We've chosen first-most difficult version and don't know whether I was right - just remember my acrophobia and agoraphobia! But Joanna did felt like chamois and was jumping from stone to stone and WAS NOT AFRAID THAT HEIGHT! Belive or not but there were many younger kids then my 6 year old and didn't seem to be afraid and so were their parents too!

Oh, but we were so awarded with an amazing closer view at highest Tatra Peaks! LOVE LOVE LOVE that view from top and finnaly defeated my acrophobia and agoraphobia a bit and infected children with my passion to mountain trekking! Hoping to get to Kasprowy Wierch and Czerwone Wiechy next time. Kids already asking me and hubby when will we get there! LOL
Probably I'll never get the most difficult tracks at Tatra Mountains. To make you realize how difficult mountaineering can be just watch that movie. Nice walking at the most difficult Tatra Mountain - Orla Perć, isn't it? Of course if you have a lot of courage and great condition :) BTW Orla is seen from below pics :)

Ps. przepraszam moich polskich czytelników za post w j. angielskim, niestety brak czasu sprawia, że nie mogę sobie pozwolić na polskie tłumaczenie. Myślę, że i tak więszość z Was zna j. angielski ;)

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  1. Looks like everybody's kids prefer pizza to some real meal!
    Wow, you really did great job with taking pics and I totally envy your summer vacation!

  2. Sandra but the most difficult part of taking pics was at mountains tops! Didn't thinking about right camera settings there :/

  3. Ja kiepsko ..ale od czego tłumacz google :-p
    Ładne zdjęcia. Przypomniałam sobie kiedy to ja byłam w Zakopanym....wieki całe temu:-)



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