sobota, 3 września 2011

Someone just started FIRST GRADE!

...and seems to be very happy with it. So does her mummy. The last days have been a bit crazy with buying all things related to school like books, backpack, pencilcase, paints, notebooks, drawing blocks and so on.

Hastily I remembered how things happens when little one starts school. Believe or not but 6'th grade seems to be easy peasy with 1'st! LOL.

Anyway for me as a mom it was a pleasure with buying Asia girly school stash :)

Even if she spend only 3 hours at first school day she is SO SO HAPPY to be there with her georgeous friends from kindergarten :) Not to mention that she didn't have a desk friend problem, two of her close friends asked her to sit with. LOL.

And yes, Julia escorted our 1'st grade girl too...

2 komentarze:

  1. we are starting new school year on Monday! Summer passed way to fast!

  2. Here school starts from 1st Sept.



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