piątek, 8 czerwca 2012

Vitamin N(avy)

Here's my version of Vitamin D and also revealing for second time myself. It didn't intend to hide myslef from web sphere, just didn't have "right" subjects for showing on myself, not to mention that particulary I was on the other side of camera. This time my Piotrek took over my job.

Let me go back to my Vitamin N, I truly love this cardi and there are few reasons for my love:
1. it's warm enough to wear for a lil' bit cold weather such as is around here in Poland

2. it's so feminine and highlights all natural body shapes

3. it's both practical and fashionable

4. it has my favourite dots

5. it's very comfortable and is light-weight.

I've knitted it from a thin wool my parenths bought for me some time ago when doing their company shopping. I used three strands of for this project and final cardi is still light, so you can imagine how thin the single strand is.

Navy is one of my favourite colors and I see the future of this cardi in very intensive use as this color matches probably most of my wardrbe. Pattern: Vitamin D. I also used 3.5mm and 2.75mm Addi circulars and dpn's for this project and approximately 1100m of yarn just as Heidi Kirrmaier suggested in her pattern.

We took Julia fo this photo-shooting and she was playing quietly in sand around us but decided to appear in this post too, so here she is - my baby Julia cosing with my Vitamin N :)

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