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How to Knit a Bobble Stitch

This is a method I use for making bobbles.
The tutorial below is made for 5 stitch bobble but you can change the number of stitches and rows as you like as long as these numbers are odd.

Work along to the stitch where the bobble should be made.

*Knit into the next stitch through front loop, knit into same stitch through back loop - rep from * once more, knit into same stitch through front loop; 4 sts inc'd.

Turn the work to wrong side and slip first stitch knitwise.
Purl 4 (bobble stitches). 

Turn the work to right side and slip first stitch knitwise. 
Knit 4 sts. Turn, towrong side, slip first stitch knitwise, purl 4 sts.

Turn to right side, slip next 3 stitches at once knitwise.


Using crochet hook pick up 3 stitches from right needle (center stitch should be on the last position).

Slip next stitch from left needle on crochet hook.

Slip first 3 sts from right needle over last stitch from left needle.

Place remaining bobble stitch on right needle.

The bobble over 5 stitches and 3 rows.

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