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Japanese short rows tutorial

This time I am showing you my best way to knit short rows, it's called Japanese Short Rows. 
This technique forms the most amazing and neater short rows stitches from every short rows techniques I know. If you don't belive me just roll over this post to last photo...

Also if you ever been considered about where your short row stitch were located (like me) and missed it somehow (again like me), this method is for your knitting pleasure and comfort because you will use locking markers to mark the wraps, so don't worry short row stitch will be clearly noticed in there.

Knit to the point where you want to add the short row.

  Turn the work to the other side.

Take your locking marker and put it on the yarn, not through it, on it. I found it better way to use scraps of yarn instead of locking marker.

Keep the marker to work as close as possible and slip the first stitch purlwise.

Purl next stitch.

Purl across the row to the point where you want to add another short row.

Again turn the work, take your second locking marker and put it on the yarn.

Slip the first stitch purlwise.

Knit next stitch.

Continue knitting across the row to one stitch after you marker (basically it's the slipped stitch). 

Then you want to pull that marked wrap and put it on the left needle, being careful not to twist it. Now you can remove the marker.

Then you're gonna knit two stitches together, the wrap and
one next to it. Knit across to the end of row, turn.

The purl row is a little bit trickier but not difficult, so don't be afraid, just purl to one stitch after your second marker.

  Then you're gonna slip the first stitch from left needle purlwise.

Take second marked wrap remebering not to twist it
and put it on left needle. Remove the marker.

Now put just slipped stich back to left hand needle. 
The reason for doing this is that you want the wrap behind the purl stitch.
Then purl the two stitches together, the purl stitch and wrap. 
Purl across to end.

  Short rows beauty! Love that method for it's neat stitches and no wonder why it's my favourite one. 
Stay tuned to my another tutorial!

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