sobota, 16 listopada 2013

Mrs Basia hat

  Some time ago I was asked by my sis' MIL to knit her a hat with linning inside.
I couldn't refuse such awesome lady as she is. She and my mom often takes care about my sister's son and my son.
My kids love her like their own grandma.

  She is also a knitter 
but knitting in round isn't too familiar for her.
Mrs Basia often watched my projects "in action" and was amazed with no seaming in them.

  She asked me if that could be no problem if this hat would be seamless also.
Well, I only knit like that.
Mrs Basia liked the hat and ased me for a pair 40" circular needles since she couldn't find them in any Local Yarn Store.
Now when I gave her those short circulars I am impatiently waiting for her seamless project.

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