czwartek, 17 października 2013

The Oxford prizes

Some time ago I took a part in an Oxford contest for designing
a little accessories. This contest was under direction of my dear net friend  Gosia who is working at Oxford University 
as a doctor and she is also a knitter! 

The Oxford jury couldn't finish their contest to the end,so Gosia decided to sponsor some prizes 
for one chosen contest participant. 
Can you gess who was drawn? Well, it was miss I!

Those prizes are georgeous and I was happy as a child when the postman brought them, the skein of yarn is made from wool and is worsted weight in beautiful sheen of navy, 
will be a beanie soon. 
The roomy bag is mentioned already to store my current spinning projects.
I received a very sweet postcard from Oxford also!
Gosia is so kind and I realy am so thankful for all these beauties!
Thank you again Gosia, you rocks!

  I should also show you what designs I prepared for this contest,
well I was designing a cap in stripes (soon will be released) in both those colors so decided to go with this idea on a coaster and a cup cosy.

2 komentarze:

  1. You can definitely make most boring subjects (no, yarn is never boring hi hi) to look very interesting on pictures :) I am glad it all arrived well. Enjoy! :)))

  2. I think they look more interesting in reality but thank you :)))



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