sobota, 28 września 2013

In awaiting stage

 My benefit number 3 is patiently awaiting for photoshoot.
It is pretty hard to mix sunny wheather with my hubby free of work day. So me and my Benefit are waiting...
And two tiny skeins of my own yarn are left for something else.

Since I've learnt a lot about writting a pattern in a wide range of sizes  during writting up Babette, I'm having much smooth work on Benefit.
Would you ever belive how much maths work contains the pattern?
Well, I use Fibonacci points for grading sizes and am satisfied so far.

I am slowly knitting a shawl too. 
This yarn is so teribly thin that it is a real challenge for me 
but since this pattern already have my mommy name and is designed to be a present for her I do have lots of motivation to finish it.
But am also promising myself this is the last time I'm knitting with such thin yarn.

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