piątek, 25 maja 2012

Laurka dla mamy/Congratulatory scroll for mummy

This beautiful congratulatory scroll was initially made by Joasia for me but... was sent by Joasia's plastic teacher for a competition and was awarded!!! How proud I am now as a mummy of one talented girl I have! I'm double proud beacause the work she got award was made for me!

Joasia was so happy after a phone call with great news and much more happy while receving diploma and prize :) 

Even if this face seems to be blown away of what happend, we  celebrated her success with botle of champagne (alcohol free - don't worry) and wishing her much more such awards. 

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Poland and must consider that my work as mum was probably well done so far :)

Happy Mother's Day to all mums!

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