poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2012

Easter trio

These buddies seem to enjoy each other company, don't you think so? I'm so busy right now with other projects but those little creatures entered into first place on my crochet/knit shedule.

In the fact that all of my family of five was ill lately it was no mean feat for me but promise to do much much more.

Referring to the wheather outside window, here is a page from my 1'st grade scholler in which she is obligated (and doing it with so much pleasuere, LOL) to observe and paste right wheather conditions every day in a week. And here you go the Saturday and Sunday wheather in SO MANY stamps. On this page it looks lovely, isn't it?

Tomorrow is a big day for my eldest Adrian, he's having 6'th grade excam and have that bad feeling he dosen't care a lot as I used to in his age. But that's good. Nothing is so important during exams like inner peace. Right?

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