sobota, 25 lutego 2012

In Full Bloom

...and they are blooming beautifully finally! Must share with you that before kids I used to have many flowers and they were everywhere in my house. I was a flower collector and sheared sprouts of newest flowers with my neighbour/friend. She still is in love with flowers (especially orchids) but my love for flowers waned when kids appeared in my life. Not because they needed too much care but because some of them were often distracted by kids, some grown into little trees (YES, THEY DID!!!) and I had to give them to other flower lovers.

When we are at flowers subject, here is something flowery around me. Not a real one but so colorful and crocheted in a very interesting method. I fell in love with this way of crocheting flowers and probably will use this 3D flowers effect in one more design.

Ps. Pattern for this flowers accessory is already written :)

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